Three One Act Plays

Three One Act Plays

Production Date: 28th - 30th April 2022

But Yesterday by Jimmie Chinn, Directed by Jacquelyne Morison
Carrot by David Tristram, Directed by Anthony Gofton
Late Entry by David Tristram, Directed by Dudley Thompson

But Yesterday 1
But Yesterday 3
But Yesterday 4
But Yesterday 5
But Yesterday 6
Carrot 1
Carrot 2
Carrot 3
Carrot 4
Carrot 6
Late Entry 1
Late Entry 2
Late Entry 3
Late Entry 4
Late Entry 5

Photography by Andrew McKerlie:

But Yesterday is set in a vicarage garden in the 1950s. Prior to leaving on a journey from which he will not return, Robert comes back to his childhood garden in which he relives moments from his childhood which become intermingled with the present.

Carrot is set in the harsh world of industrial relations, the new Managing Director of an ailing roofing bolt manufacturer has the tricky job of trying to convince the Trade Union Representative of the need to modernise the firm to keep it in business. It is a to-and-fro of commercial reality versus principles – who will win?

Late Entry skewers amateur drama festivals, which are challenging for all concerned. Watching a favourite play being mangled by incompetent actors tries even the most patient of people but the adjudicator is expected to be positive, helpful and courteous in all his comments, that is until he meets.. the strangest production of his career!


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