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In every production run up there’s always the extra drama that happens off stage. Surprisingly enough be it good or bad the show ‘ always go on’

Everyone knows how much hard work goes into rehearsals in the run up of performances. In professional theatre it’s always famine or feast and every Pro actor has washed up, cleaned, stacked shelves to make money to live the dream of getting that ‘ once in a lifetime role’

In the amateur world we are lucky enough to pick and choose alongside our everyday lives but we also enjoy the opportunities to mix up our time with other jobs within the Wychwood players. This means that those who want to act get opportunities to build on strengths and weaknesses with wonderful new roles being supported by others who have more experience. While others can help with set construction, painting, prop sourcing, costumes, make up and generally helping out. Then the bar needs running, the washing up, chairs, tables and of course where would we be without the Box office and ticket team! The crews and stage managers are to be highly praised working for the good of those who get all the audience’s applause! And the behind the scenes conversations about what nearly did or didn’t happen are hysterical!

Over the years we have had members write plays which have gone onto being published or acted professionally, thus giving us new and exciting plays and again having the opportunity to use our own members talents. During lockdown many one act and full length plays have been written by two of our long serving members John Drew and Ralph Wears, these were performed on zoom with much hilarity especially with time delays that occasionally meant lines were out of context and brought a new dimension to the play. We are looking forward to producing these in the future for everyone to see.

One of the other exciting things amateur dramatics can offer is for directors to try out scripts/ shows that they have always loved.

We run a fun social side to the players and over the years have had many garden and fancy dress parties, treasure hunts, social fun readings, trips out to see Shows and trips to the local pubs to just ‘chill and chat’ at these social events the stories of past and present and the memories of funny mishaps or finger biting dramas often get told.

We have had so many members over the years, each one brings a new talent to us, some of our members have come from the professional world of theatre and television bringing knowledge and new ideas to us. Sadly we have lost many as well and it’s wonderful to see them all in our archives and other photos having such a good time, they will be remembered with so much love and happy memories.

Here’s just a few of the hundreds of photos from behind the scenes over the past few years, we hope you enjoy them and maybe feel you would like to get involved with the fun and excitement that the Wychwood Players bring to our lives and community.

Mandyrae Jessey

Fun Stuff

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Set Builds

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Techy Bits

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