Supper Evenings

Supper Evenings

One of our most popular and special events has to be our Supper Evenings. Our audience arrives at 7pm and they are served their main course. They watch the first act of the play and then during the interval they are served their pudding before watching the second act.

It sounds easy but it takes a lot of logistical planning. There will be the team of actors on stage and then a completely different team running the kitchen and front of house. We will be catering for 100 people on 3 consecutive nights. The suppers vary and are usually themed to what is being performed on stage. There was a wonderful comedy called ‘Sandcastles’ where the action all took place in front of three beach huts. For those evenings we organised the Fish and Chip van to deliver the supper. The smell for the waiting actors backstage was enough to make them very hungry.

Our most memorable Supper Evening was for our production of ‘Allo Allo’. The village hall was turned into Rene’s Café and the audience all sat at little tables. They were served Rene’s Saucy Sausage Supper which had all been cooked by cast members. Rene’s bar on the set was where the guests bought their wine. They were then given chocolate profiteroles for their pudding at the interval.

The Supper Evenings don’t happen without the help of a large number of people. A drama group is never just about the actors on stage. They are supported by a huge team of people with many and varied talents.

Rose Hartley

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