Production Date: December 1997
Directed by: Siân O'Neill

Sorry we don't have any photos of this production but maybe you do? If so email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let me know if you don't mind us using them on the website?

Suppose we have some sovereigns from Queen Victoria's Mint
Or some long-lost pirate booty from the isle where Blackbeard went
It's a waste of time to worry over things that you have not
Be thankful for - the things you've got!

There is nothing like some gold
Nothing in the World
There is nothing you can hold
That is anything like some gold

There are no books like some gold
And nothing looks like some gold
Nothing acts like some gold
Or attracts like some gold
There are no drinks like some gold
And nothing clinks like some gold
There's not a thing that's wrong with anyone here
That can't by cured by putting him near
Some shining, shimmering, newly spun, spakling GOLD!


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